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    Default "Maybe I should marry and have kids"- Sneha Wagh

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    Talented Sneha Wagh can essay diverse roles with ease. We in conversation with Sneha who plays Ratan on Veera on Star Plus..

    Often we show wives forgiving their unfaithful husbands on Indian television but Ratan is not ready to do so…
    Ratan is right on her part. This is a very real show, showing genuine emotions and relationships. No wife will ever forgive her husband in a situation like this. It is after she hears her husband's side of the story of why he got close to the woman that she may decide whether or not to forgive him.

    Many viewers are thinking that Ratan is heartless as she is being so cruel to Veera. Please comment.
    I disagree that Ratan has been cruel and heartless. She after all saved Veera's life twice. It is just that she isn't ready to accept the baby. Also it's for Veera that her son isn't studying as he is so completely into her.

    What have your fans said on seeing you playing Ratan?
    They are loving my work and are impressed that I can execute a role which is so different from that of Jyoti.

    Can you identify with Ratan?
    I am like Ratan in many ways, for instance I am transparent like her.
    What about Ratan do you like the most?
    What I like the most about Ratan is that she loves her son Ranvijay very much. In fact on starting to play Ratan I also have started to think that maybe I should marry and have kids.

    What do you dislike about her?
    Theirs is nothing to dislike about her, I am after all in agreement with her actions.

    If you could meet Ratan now what advice would you give her?
    I would advise her to listen to her husband's side of the story as to why he fathered Veera. She didn't even want to wait for a few days or even a few hours to hear out her husband.

    How do you bond with Nishika, the baby who plays Veera and Bhavesh Balchandani who plays Ranvijay?
    Nishika who plays Veera is such a cute baby. Bhavesh is also an amazing little boy. I have a great rapport with the both of them.

    What kind of role would you never do?
    I don't like doing negative roles all that much.

    What do you watch on TV?
    I like to watch American TV serials like That 70's Show and Grey's Anatomy.



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