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    Default I love playing football and cricket in Monsoon: Shivin Narang

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    Shivin Narang shares his monsoon crazzyness with us

    Shivin Narang cute and dashing Ranvi of Veera on Star Plus shares his views on monsoon season and tips for his fans which they should keep in mind during the season.

    Rainy season for me is: fun and for playing football and cricket

    Precautions that I take during Monsoon: I see to it that I keep newspapers or plastic in my car to cover and protect seats from water and my mother see to it that I have proper clean shoes.

    My memories related to Monsoons: Before coming to Mumbai I use to have pakoda and samosa in Delhi and in school we use to play a lot. I relived my school memories by playing cricket and football in the rains on the sets of Surveen Guggal.

    My favourite visit during Monsoon: Tiger Point at Lonavla and in Mumbai its Candies at Bandra and Marine Drive

    My Monsoon holiday: When I was staying in Delhi I loved to go Manari for holidays.

    Must carry things in Monsoon: I personally don't take much precaution just see to it that I have proper pair of sport shoes with me.

    My monsoon music: Anything loud

    My monsoon special khaana: Pakode and samosa of Delhi, recently my family brought those when they visited Mumbai to meet me.

    My monsoon tip for the readers: don't wear leather shoes, walk carefully as you can slip in rains and for car users check the tires and wipers properly in advance so that you won't get into problems in long journey.



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