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    Default Being a good learner, I have managed to overcome my weakness: Fernaz Shetty

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    Taking viewers by surprise, the beautiful Fernaz Shetty is slowly becoming a popular face in the industry with her brilliant performance as Gunjan in Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).

    The girl, who started her career with a cameo in Navya and Balika Vadhu, has become a rage after playing the lead in the above mentioned show.

    In our zest to delve more into the life of this psychology student, who found her true calling in acting, we got talking to her.

    “It’s truly a wonderful character and I am really glad to have been chosen to play the role. Gunjan is a girl who has lots of shades and that is a challenge for me. And her character is so very real that it has made not just me but everyone relate to her. No one in the world is a complete saint; we all have a bit of grey shade in us. Similarly Gunjan is not bad; it’s just that she has high expectations from life,” reveals the charming girl.

    Strangely, today when every youngster prefers to do youth-based shows, here is this girl who’s turned into playing a village belle. Laughing at the observation she avers, “Being born and brought up in Mumbai, it would have been obviously easier for me to play a modern girl than mouthing desi Punjabi language. But Gunjan’s dream of going and living a life in a city makes it all the more challenging as she has a broad approach to life but is confined in her village.”

    Also with her other lead co stars already being popular faces in the industry, was she insecure with any of them? “Not at all; for I believe my challenge is not just these three (Shivin Narang, Digangana Suryavanshi and Vishal Vashishtha) but every new actor in the industry today. So I can’t be insecure about the world and let it affect my work. Instead, I believe in giving in all my efforts and let my work speak for me,” the actress replies.

    And how is the bonding off screen with the team? “Initially I used to feel that I am the weakest in the team for I have just started while the rest have earlier done shows. But I am a good learner and slowly and steadily, with the help of everyone around, have overcome my weakness and managed to make a foothold. All of them are really sweet and help me with my performance. We also have great fun when not shooting for the whole team is young and hence bond really well,” she answers.

    And now that Fernaz has become a popular face, how is she enjoying all the fanfare? “Since it was an unknown facet for me, I am enjoying all the adulation. When I read messages and posts on the social networking sites, I really feel happy. For an actor who works day and night, the appreciation of fans is the only return. There is this fan from Pakistan, Heena who is a great fan of Shivin and me. Her feedbacks are regular and always very encouraging,” she shares.

    The girl, who is fulfilling her mother’s dream by way of acting, is a reserved person but opens up to people who are close to her. The self-acclaimed loving, bubbly and soft-hearted person, also has an uncanny resemblance to Anjum Farooqui.

    And when we tell her about this, she laughingly answers , “I know a lot of people have told me that. Initially, I did not believe it but with so many people coming up to me and thinking me to be Anjum, I am now used to it. Being a chilled out person, I don’t let this bother me and take all of it quite lightly. Of course now people recognize me and know that I am Fernaz (smiles).”

    We agree to that pretty gal!!!



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