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    Default "I have learned a lot from my character Gurpreet"

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    says Samiksha Bhatnagar in conversation with us as she shares her journey of being a part of Veera and her experience in it.

    As her show Veera has completed 200 episodes, Samiksha Bhatnagar who is seen in Veera on Star Plus and Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev on Life OK, talks about what the show has taught her.

    Samiksha who plays Gurpreet in the show says, "I remember when I was offered that role I had to play the role of a happily married women. Initially things were so rosy and glorious for Gurpreet but as the show progressed there were harsh truths that came in Gurpreet's life about which even I (Samiksha) as a person have learned lot many things."

    Elaborating on what she has learnt from her on-screen character, Samiksha says, "I learnt to have patience and endurance within myself I also learnt that at given point of time, one should not keep mum but should fight back and that's what Gurpreet did. Even for me as a person if someone points finger at my character, I will not tolerate it and that's what even Gurpreet did in the show."

    Talking about her character in Veera as Gurpreet, Samiksha further says, "Gurpreet faced so many challenges and was ready to fight back which came as a shock to me since there are so many women who have husbands cheating on them, but a married women always stands and fights all alone. I could feel the women's pain while enacting such scenes. As a person I have played and dealt with so many scenes and painful moments while playing Gurpreet. There were so many troubling times for Gurpreet, like when she was unable to bear a child, when her husband used to bash her up and all the pain that she went through as a woman… I felt it all. I have learnt the art of fighting back and at the same time also learnt to have lots of patience."

    Veera completed 200 episodes and Samiksha says she wishes that the show completes 1000 episodes, "In my 200 episode journey each and every day has been a learning experience. I have seen the wonderful kids acting and also seen Gurpreet's husband cheating on her and more. I have come to know what all things happen in our society and I am learning each and every day."

    We hope Samiksha gets to know and learn more further too!



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