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    Default Kartar admits his feelings for Ratan on Star Plus' Veera

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    Star Plusí show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera (Beyond Dreams Productions) is going to see a significant highpoint very soon. In Pritampura, Chaiji (Shagufta Ali) will discover a piece of cloth at Gaganís stable and immediately understand as to who was responsible in setting the stable on fire. She will rush to Gurpreetís house and confront Kartar (Harsh Vashisht) and enquire what he has against Gagan, when Gurpreet will inform that itís about Nihaal and not Gagan.

    She will further add that Kartar is anxious about the fact that Nihaal will win and take Sampooranís place not only in this village but also in Ratanís life. Gurpreet will tell her about Kartarís growing feelings for Ratan (Sneha Wagh).

    Chaiji will confront Kartar who will, at last, admit his feelings for Ratan. A shocked Chaiji will slap Kartar.

    It is yet to be seen if Chajji will expose the man behind the fire fiasco. Will she be able to prevent Gurpreetís world from falling apart?

    For more updates keep watching this space.



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