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    Default Karan and Veera to be caught making love on rooftop in Star Plus' Veera?

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    It’s a tricky situation.

    Karan (Ankit Bathla) has come down to the village where Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) resides in Star Plus’ Veera (Beyond Dreams). And while the villagers are still trying to figure out the reason of him being there, both Karan and Veera will be in deep pit.

    Now the creatives are trying to spice up things in the show via a “deceptive” sub plot.

    In the upcoming episodes, Karan will be seen trying hard to get network on his computer in order to check an email sent to him by a University in the US. When he will share his concern with Veera, she will inform him that connectivity is high on the roof of a nearby local school.

    Later, both Karan and Veera will head towards the destination to get connected to the web.

    But here will come the twist. Both Karan and Veera are young and being alone at a secluded place can lead to many colourful ideas or conjectures in the minds of people. And village folks usually are close and wear blinkers in terms of socio-psychological aspect.

    Thus, coming back to the track, a few kids will spot Karan and Veera on the roof of the school and draw to a conclusion that the two young hot blood must be making love. Were they really doing it? Did Veera and Karan get carried away in a moment of hormonal surge? Is this the coming-of-age of Veera, accepting and embracing her sexual desires?

    Well, it is for the viewers to wait and watch. We don’t really intend to spoil the party. All we can share is that the kids will create a hue and cry about it, bringing all villagers to the alleged “love making” spot, pushing Veera and Karan into a tough, embarrassing and sensitive situation. Can they prove their innocence?

    When we spoke to Ankit on the track he said, “My character has just entered the village and hence I am not very sure if there is an issue cropping up yet.”

    We will keep you updating on this from time to time.



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