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    Default "I'm proud to be a part of the Television industry" : Nakuul

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    After experiencing the various acting mediums, actor Nakuul Mehta is in a happy space working in the television industry.

    The very charming, hazel-eyed actor Nakuul Mehta is currently seen essaying the main lead of Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara. In conversation with us, the actor talks about his affinity for the television industry and his journey so far...

    What is your definition of acting?
    According to me, when you play the role and feel the character, you dramatically become the person and that is my definition of acting and that is what I try to do.

    Do you think good looks and physical attributes are very essential for an actor?
    I believe it is not essential to possess good looks and a remarkable personality to be a good actor, what matters is being able to bring out the strong emotions. However, good looks somehow help to become a star.

    What are your thoughts about the television industry?
    It is a brilliant industry which entertains a lot of people across the country even more than films, because television shows are something that we see every day. It reaches out to a lot more people. So, I am proud to be a part of the Indian television industry. Coming from a new generation, and someone who has just come into this industry a year back, I feel the work I do and the attitude I bring in is to make it more professional. In fact, it is the new generation's responsibility to make it far more fun and proficient.

    You have worked in a film, television show and theater as well. How does it differ from each other and which has been the most comfortable medium?
    Yes, I have worked in almost all the mediums be it theater, advertisements, television show and films. Yet, the base is the same for all, you have to do the same job. When we talk about theater, it has maximum control on an actor and it is far more spontaneous and moving. Also, it brings in a different kind of joy, whereby you can see the reaction of the audiences while you are performing.
    On the other hand, television is wonderful because it provides you with a huge reach and puts you into people's houses, which is something that every actor would want to. And off course, it's fun to work in a film as it's larger than life. Moreover, films have a longer life, as it can be seen at any point of your life, but in a similar fashion, our television shows are instant entertainment as it cannot be recorded.
    I love the space I'm in right now. The reaction I am getting for my character in Pyaar Ka Dard, along with the massive reach is just incredible. It has given me a lot of opportunity to perform some fantastic scenes.

    What drags you to do theater? Are the modern Indian television shows not high on creative satisfaction?
    As an actor I don't want to limit myself. It's boring to eat the same food everyday for nutrition, as you just cannot rely on proteins only, you also need carbohydrates. Similarly, as an actor, for me to grow, working in theater, traveling and meeting different people adds on to my experience and helps to bring out a better show.

    Who has been your inspiration in this industry?
    I have no inspiration as such, instead I believe it's important to appreciate someone's work and learn from it. It's important to inspire our own self. I don't have a role model but I like few actors who inspire me to work even better like Surekha Sikriji who is portraying the role of Daadisa in Balika Vadhu and the little kid Ranvijay in Veera - they inspire me to do some challenging work. I don't follow or look up to these people as my role model but they somehow inspire me to do a better work on my show.

    One character you wish to play? Why?
    The character I'm playing right now i.e. Aditya is my dream character and I am loving it.

    One production house you wish to work with?
    As an actor, I don't choose the production house I would wish to work with, rather I chose the directors, script and the character.

    A television show that you follow?
    Unfortunately, I don't get time to watch television while I'm myself working for a television show, but I try and watch my own show. Sometimes I also watch Veera which comes right after my show and I quite like it. It's a well made show and very well casted. Besides that I like to watch Masterchef on Star Plus. Even though I don't know how to cook, I love to see the food being made.

    If not an actor, who would you be?
    If not an actor, I would have been a journalist, asking these questions to another actor.

    Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    Five years from now, I see myself as an actor who is recognized and respected for good work. I haven't planned anything beyond but I want to be known for the professionalism that I show in my work.

    Message to your fans?
    Thank you for loving the show Pyaar Ka Dard and my character so much. Stay in touch and keep sending me your feedback on India-forums. All those who are in Bombay, I would love to see them watch my forthcoming play - 'Cock' at Privthvi theatre.



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