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    Default Huge drama in Star Plus' Veera as situations force Ranvijay-Gunjan's marriage

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    Beyond Dreams Productions’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera on Star Plus will see some dramatic highpoints in the coming episodes that will give rise to a major turning point in story telling.

    Well, viewers will see the wedding of Ranvijay (Shivin Narang) and Gunjan (Farnaz Shetty) taking place!!

    So how will this happen? Well, certain unforeseen situations will bring them together.

    As reported earlier by a section of media, Gunjan (Farnaz Shetty) has fallen prey to a casting couch in her quest to achieve popularity by being part of the movie shot in Pritampura. As per the ongoing track, Baldev (Vishal Vashishta) has brought in a movie crew to shoot their flick in the pind.

    This will be when Gunjan will show keen interest in acting. However, a person in the production crew will have an evil eye on Gunjan, and will take advantage of her craziness to acting. He will put forth an indecent proposal to her. Hearing this, Gunjan will seek the help of her mother Bansuri (Vishvapreet Kaur), who will pressurize Gunjan to grab a role in the movie by hook or crook.

    A source tells us that there will be mayhem when Gunjan will be spotted with a guy in a vanity van. And initially, everyone in the village including Balwant (Yajuvendar Singh) will think that Ranvijay is the guy with Gunjan. However, on knowing the truth, Balwant will be embarrassed. The news of Gunjan spending time with a guy will spread like wild fire in the village, resulting in Gunjan’s image being tarnished.

    This will be when Balwant will suffer a major heart attack, post which he will need to undergo treatment. However, the man will be so upset that he will refuse to get himself treated. This will be when Balwant will opine that Gunjan will have to get married to Ranvijay, as he has been very much in love with her. Though Gunjan will refuse, Balwant will emotionally blackmail her, and will tell her that with her indecent acts, she has lost the right to choose her own groom.

    We hear that the wedding sequences of Ranvijay and Gunjan have been shot, and the aftermath to the wedding is being shot right now. The wedding will happen without any pomp and celebrations. Everyone in Gunjan’s family will be against the wedding, but will go through it only for Balwant’s ill health. At Ranvijay’s place, Ratan (Senha Wagh) and others will also believe that Gunjan would not be the right girl for Ranvi, but they will silently accept Balwant’s decision.

    We tried contacting Farnaz, but she remained unavailable.

    Yajuvendar though told us, “Yes, Balwant has suffered a heart attack. How the track will now progress is for viewers to watch.”

    Get ready for this sudden twist in the tale in Veera.



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