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    Default Harshita's journey - It all began from Rakshabandhan!

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    Harshita Ojha aka Veera of Star Plus’popular show Veera is like a caring Ranvi for her real life Veer, Divyansh…

    The adorable Harshita Ojha, who has won audience's heart by playing beloved Veera in Beyond Dreams popular show Veera on Star Plus, shares a very good connection with Rakshabandhan festival which we can easily see on-screen. Apart from her on-screen connection with Rakshabandhan festival, the little one also shares this amazing connection off-screen too.

    While talking to Harshita's mother Reema, we learned that Harshita was first auditioned for the show on Rakshabandhan day. Speaking on the same, Reema told us, "It was a day off for Rakshabandhan and we took Harshita for the audition of this new show. We were unaware of the name of the show, its concept and storyline because nothing was decided yet. We got to know about the storyline later. Being too young to appear for the auditions, we thought that she can't give the audition for a Punjabi character but I was asked that we can take our time and help her to learn the script. So, I helped Harshita in learning the script and she learnt it quickly. I never expected that she will get selected for this role because the lines in the script were tough for her to speak but later we get to know that she is selected for the role."

    She further added, "Her little brother Divyansh is her cousin brother and we live in a joint family but we treat him like Harshita's real sibling. Harshita treats and cares Divyansh the same way like Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani) cares for his sister Veera in the show. Divyansh's mother and I were working women and in our absence, she used to take care of Divyansh so much so that she used to comb his hair and she used to make him sleep. I also used to take them along with me to the play school where I was a teacher. Both of them used to enjoy a lot and used to never fight with each other but sometimes they used to fight after coming back to home. Divyansh is very possessive about his sister Harshita.

    Whenever she goes somewhere for an interview, people click pictures of her, he comes in between and says, "Yeh meri behen hai aur main iska veer hoon." He was not even allowing other cousins to get their Rakhis tied by Harshita this Rakshabandhan as he feels that she is his only sister.

    It all began on 'Rakshabandhan' a day which is celebrated to share the bond of love, which has made Harshita a beloved sister anyone wishes to have!



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