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    Default Happy and sad moments in Veera

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    A huge drama to unfold in Star Plus’ popular show Veera after Ratan gets a phone call from Balwant…

    A major twist is coming up in Beyond Dreams' Veera. A lot of celebration can be seen in the ongoing episodes of Veera but it seems that happiness is not going to live longer.

    According to the on-air promos, we have seen that Ratan (Sneha Wagh) is getting ready for the wedding and then she gets a call. Balwant tells Ratan over the phone that he has some news about Sampooran (Sudhanshu Pandey) to share with her and after that the call gets disconnected. Ratan gets happy hoping for Sampooran's return and she tells everyone in her family about his return but here comes the twist in tale where the happiness will turn into tears.

    Our source says, "Soon all the hope of Sampooran's return will go in vain as Ratan will soon be getting the death news of Sampooran."

    When contacted Sneha Wagh aka Ratan, she said, "I am not supposed to comment on this but I would like to say that wait and watch as there are lots of surprises coming up every moment."

    How will everyone react hearing about this sad news? Be ready for this huge twist which will mixed emotions and drama.

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