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    Default Gurpreet leaves Kartar's house.

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    Gurpeert and Kartar fight over Ratan as Kartar loves Ratan, while Gurpeet leaves the house making way for Kartar and Ratan.

    Beyond Dreams Entertainment Veera on Star Plus just witnessed Kartar's (Harsh Vasishta) wife's Gurpreet (Samiksha Bhatnagar) being hassled with Kartar's behavior as he likes Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and doesn't have any feelings for Gurpreet at all. This behavior will not go well with Gurpreet.

    Our source informs us that, "In the coming episodes Gurpreet will leave the house and stay with her mother and will also tell Kartar that he can stay with Ratan and that he doesn't have to bother about her. However, Kartar will also not stop her from going."

    "Amidst the fight Kartar will start feeling for Ratan and will want to get closer to Ratan, but still Ratan will pay no heed towards Kartar's feelings."

    "After this Kartar will try getting back Gurpreet as he will understand that he needs her. However Gurpreet will not want to come to Kartar" ends the source.

    When contacted Samiksha Bhatnagar she said, "Yes, Gurpreet will leave the house and stay with her family as she is now done with her husband's dis-liking towards her and is fed up with her husband's behavior towards her. What will happen in the coming episodes, I don't know as we are yet to shoot for the sequences."

    Will Gurpreet get back to Kartar is what the viewers will have to wait and watch!



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