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    Default If one can emote, then he definitely can make people laugh - Digangana Suryavanshi

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    The bubbly and chirpy Digangana Suryavanshi essays the role of the grown-up Veera to the ‘T’, and feels that being part of Beyond Dreams Entertainment’s Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera on Star Plus is an opportunity of a lifetime to make a mark as an actor.

    In a chat with us, the talented girl speaks about her acting journey, ambitions and much more..


    Firstly, how is the feeling when people you know call you by the name of ‘Veera’?

    It is an amazing feeling. This project and character are very close to me. I am working very hard and have gained a lot of popularity through the show Veera.

    How do you react when a section of people come to tell you that they really miss the kid phase on the show, when the little Ranvi and Veera mesmerised the audiences?

    I think there is always a time for change. Ranvi and Veera, the kids had done a very good job. There is a chance for everything and I feel good that the same audience have accepted this change very positively.

    Tell us something about Digangana the person?

    Digangana is very different from Veera. The way she dresses up and talks is very opposite to Veera. I believe in God and love my family. I am a fun loving, creative, workaholic person. All who know me see me as a very straight forward girl.

    What are your likes and dislikes?

    I like a lot to try new outfits, try something new with my hair. I dislike smoking and alcohol.

    What are the preparations that you had to go through to get into the skin of Veera?

    Basically, there were no preparations as such to play Veera. I accepted the character as it was briefed to me by my Producer. It was relatively easy for me to get into the skin of the character.

    Who is your best pal on the set of Veera?

    My best pals would be Vishal (Vashishtha) and Shivin (Narang), as I do most of my scenes with them. They both are close to me. And the chemistry between everyone on sets is very different.

    Who do you consider as your teacher when it comes to acting?

    I learnt acting through the acting course I attended. But I consider my father as my main teacher when it comes to acting. I always wanted to be an actor, and my father has supported me always. Today if I am in this position it is only because of my father. He is my back bone in terms of my career.

    Tell us about your beginning as an actor.

    I started my career when I was ten years old with the show Jhoot Bole Kawa Kate. Later I did the show on Star One, Shakuntala Ek Prem Kahaani. On my 16th birthday, my novel God released. Then came Ruk Jaana Nahin and Qubool Hai. I developed a sense of maturity at a very young age. Life is treating me very nicely so far, and I am thankful to my parents for their wonderful support. I go on to share everything with them, and I feel it’s the best part of my life.

    What is easier – to emote or to make people laugh?

    To emote and to make people laugh are equally created. If one can emote then he definitely can make people laugh. So far I have shot for emotional sequences, but if I get a chance to make people laugh, I will do an equally good job.

    Do you think the role of Veera is your dream role?

    I can say that this is my dream role. At the same time it very interesting and enjoyable. This role is something new and adventurous. I love the character of Veera.

    What kind of a role do you aspire to play in future?

    To be very honest I don't have any plans so far for any particular role. I am open to do any role which has a good story line and good characterization.

    Any Bollywood dreams?

    No plans as of now. But if I get a chance in Bollywood, I will go ahead and accept it.

    What do you think are the pre-requisites to be known as a good performer?

    Understanding the character properly and acting according to the character is the definition of being a good performer for me.

    On a learning curve, how well do you think you can perform as an actor?

    I think this is just a start to my career in terms of acting. I have to do much more things, and I have achieved just a 1% of it. I have a long road to cover and get to the 100% mark.

    Where do you think you need to concentrate more when it comes to excelling?

    Along with acting, I am trying to devote equal time towards writing and singing. I believe that singing and writing should go on with me forever as they are equally important.

    Are you open to reality shows? Which are the shows that impress you?

    Yes, I am open for reality shows which involve singing and writing. Shows which impress me are Jhalak Dhikla Jaa, India's Got Talent and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

    How good are you in dancing?

    I am not that good in dancing because I haven't taken it seriously. A little practice will make me perfect in dancing too.

    How is it to work with Beyond Dreams and Star Plus?

    It is awesome as Star Plus is the leading channel. It is a good combination for me to work with Beyond Dreams and Star Plus. Yash and Mamta Patnaik are like family members to me.

    Shivin Narang or Vishal Vashistha – who is your friend on the set?

    Both are very good friends of mine. They both are amazing and fun loving people. However, Vishal and I share some common likings. But overall, I spend most of my time with both of them.

    What are your goals and aspirations?

    I want to explore myself to a great level. My aspirations are to move on with my life with acting, singing and writing.



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