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    Default I dream high and work hard to achieve each one of them: Kapil Nirmal

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    Kapil Nirmal, the perfect combination of good looks and attitude, has kept one and all charmed with his brilliant screen presence. Seen as the ultimate saviour Nihal Singh in Star Plusí Veera (Beyond Dreams Productions), the actor is currently in a happy frame of mind with the way his professional life is shaping up. Now, with him starting to pen scripts, he is finding a solace in the world of creativity.
    In an exclusive chat with us, Kapil opens up. A lowdown:

    So how is it going with Veera?
    Well, it is going great; the entire team of Veera is a very dedicated one; they know their job really well. The story is different from the usual run-of-the mills kind and it is interesting to be a part of it. The treatment of the show is very different from that of others and that reflects on the overall impact of the show.

    Your character Nihal has come out of thin air, so who is he? Any connection with Sampooran Singh (Sudhangshu Pandey)?
    (pauses) Hmm! you will have to wait and see for yourself. The truth behind Nihalís character will be out soon and will definitely come as a shock to the viewers. Itís an important and interesting plot and I would not like to act as a spoiler.

    The children in Veera (Bhavesh Balchandani and Harshita Ojha) are getting to showcase their talent at such a young age. Your take on thisÖ
    Well, it is really surprising to see how children today get so many opportunities to make it big. During our time, we as a 10 or 15 year olds, were not mature enough to know what we want, while today, the children are very sharp and have brains. And with so many reality shows coming along for them, they are getting loads of platforms.

    What does Kapil do when he is not shooting?
    (laughs) I hardly get much time; I go for shoots and then return home and sleep. Yes, I do work out and right now I have developed a new hobby of writing.

    Writing? ExplainÖ
    Since I donít like wasting time, I have started writing and am finding happiness in the world of words. It gives me complete creative satisfaction. I am writing some scripts for serials and am also trying to meet people to launch these projects. I also plan to produce shows in the near future.

    So will we have you in your show too?
    No, not at allÖI am fine with doing one thing at a time. So, I will definitely take the backstage if and when I produce a show.

    You have one of the sexiest bodies on TV; how do you manage to maintain it?
    I donít know if it is one of the sexiest or not (winks); but it is difficult to maintain. I religiously work out on a daily basis and eat healthy food. These days I am having difficulty in sleeping and that is hampering my health a bit.

    So is it love that is keeping you awake at night?
    Arre nahiÖ (laughs) I am suffering from insomnia for some time now. Donít know whatís wrong with me; though I have full eight hours to sleep, but end up getting just three to four hours of sound sleep.

    What are your plans for the time ahead in terms of work?
    I am a kind of person who dreams really high and works to achieve each one of them. There is a lot of stuff I would want to do, but everything has a time of its own. I want to do good roles in TV and in films too.

    Any plans of taking up reality shows?
    I have been a part of two reality shows (Nach Baliye and Zara Nachke Dikha) and am game for some more. Channels doing reality shows like to have their stars who have been or who are part of the particular channel, but I have sadly lost on some. As far as Bigg Boss is concerned, itís not for me as I take time to open up. May be I may get evicted in the first week itself for this quality of mine (smiles).

    You are seen as a serious angry young man. How is Kapil in real life?
    I am just a normal and simple person, not the typical serious types I am supposed to be.

    What are your interests?
    I like travelling a lot. Going out on short trips of three-four days are quite rejuvenating. I also watch movies; the last I saw was Man of Steel. I am totally into action movies.

    Any dream roles you would want to do?
    There are loads of roles I would want to do but nothing stands out as my dream role. But yes, this will definitely be prevalent on the big screen for sure.



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