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    Default "Each day in monsoon is a Happy Pothole Day!" - Sneha Wagh

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    Actress Sneha Wagh talks about her memorable monsoon memory in conversation with us...

    Its that time of the year when you can expect to see deluge of rain, occasional hail, wind and flooding! It is the trending topic on twitter and is just about included in any conversation you have. Our Telly celebs are no different and are not immune to the monsoon charm.

    The very beautiful Telly town actress Sneha Wagh, who is presently seen in Star Plus super-hit daily Veera talks to us about her memorable monsoon memory and her guilty snack indulgence...

    Monsoon for me means: Monsoon for me means two extreme things, it has its pros and cons. Either it brings happiness or it brings complete sadness, depending upon the situation, company and the time.

    My first thought about monsoon: The first thought that pops up in my mind when I think about monsoon is the cool pleasant weather.

    My childhood monsoon memory: I remember during my school days, I used to purposely forget my raincoat at home and enjoy getting wet in the rains.

    My monsoon music: Monsoon is a season when I automatically tune into some soft, soft and romantic songs.

    My monsoon special khaana: Well, when it comes to Khaana, monsoon quickly reminds me of Adrak waali chaii and chunk of hot bhajiyyas. I'm quite particular about hygiene and therefore, I prefer to eat healthy and good food.

    Monsoon this year: Well, monsoon yet this year has bought with itself more potholes and water-logs. A ride which usually takes just 20 minutes to reach my set, now thanks to monsoon has extended to 2 hours. Not just the potholes, but the huge traffic jams are also an added pain. Each day during monsoon is a Happy Potholes Day! On a serious note, the BMC should take strict action to improve the state of the roads in Mumbai.

    Places I would like to visit during monsoon: The nearest destination from Mumbai worth visiting during monsoon is undoubtedly Lonavala. However, I would like to mention few places like Kerala and Goa which are a treat to your eyes during monsoon.

    Precautions I take during monsoon: As far as possible I try not to get half wet as it leads to fever. Adding to this, I always keep myself sanitized and I make sure I drink only purified water.

    One thing I don't forget to carry during monsoon: Obviously it has to be my umbrella. In fact, this monsoon, I've got myself a nice green and golden umbrella.

    My monsoon mantra: Enjoy the weather!



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