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    Default "I have many cousin sisters": Bhavesh Balchandani

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    Bhavesh Balchandani who plays Ranvijay in Veera on Star Plus is a sweet ten year old who is studying in Class VI. We in talks with himů

    The character Ranvijay you play in Veera craves for a younger sister. Do you have a younger sister? If you don't have a younger sister would you like to have one?
    I have many cousin sisters which is as good as having your own sister.

    What is your favourite colour?
    Green as it looks good anywhere.

    Do you like to read story books? Please name your favourite story book.
    I like reading books. My favourite story book is Akbar and Birbal.

    Which is your favourite animal?
    The giraffe- because of its long neck it can see far and wide.

    Do you like to study? Which is your favourite subject in school?
    I like to study and Maths is my favourite subject.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I haven't really decided as yet.

    What are your hobbies?
    Skating, dancing, acting and drawing.

    Veera is set in a village. Have you been to a real village with you parents?
    Veera was shot in a village in Punjab- so I have been to a village. I can't exactly remember if I have traveled to a village with my parents though.

    What do your friends and teachers say when they see you act?
    They are happy that I am acting in Veera. However some of them feel that Veera is telecast too late in the night, at 10.30pm and many of them are already in bed by that time.

    What is your favourite festival?



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