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    Default No child's play next week on Veera

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    Ranvijay will name his sister Veera on the show next week

    How can a child take care of a child? That is what exactly is happening in Veera on Star Plus. We see the adorable little boy Ranvijay cradling in his tiny arms a bonny baby. Ranvijay couldn't be happier- he craved for a little sister and has been granted his wish. Writer Raghuvir Shekhawat says, "He is taking care of her in his childlike ways."

    His parents however have no peace. The baby though an apple of discord in the household is the best gift ever for Ranvijay. His dad Sampooran is repenting for betraying his wife and is on a guilt trip for being termed as 'the murderer' of his unborn child. His mother Ratan has miscarried her baby and just can't stand the love child of her husband. Sneha Wagh who plays Ratan says, "Here we show a very real trauma for the wife and not the regular TV clich drama. It is going to be a lump in the throat for the audience which I am sure about. My character Ratan in Veera is a strong believer of love and trust in marriage. Once it's broken it's very difficult to get it back as it's not the same anymore."

    The very audience who cry 'regressive' if the wife forgives the unfaithful husband have been pointing fingers at the writers as to why Ratan is 'cruelly' ignoring a baby who is after all innocent. The story writer of the show Purnendu Shekhar explains, "If a wife is infidel, the husband isn't likely to forgive her. So why is the wife expected to forgive her errant husband easily?" Writer Raghuvir Shekhawat reasons, "I am reading many reviews which say that the Ratan should take care of the baby. Just three days have passed since she got to know about her husband's love child. She has also lost the baby she was carrying. She needs time to stabilize herself." Our source says that Ratan will ultimately come around and stand up for the baby.

    On watching last night's episode it seemed to us that Sampooran was suicidal. Our source however says that he won't be taking his life but will go missing. "He is after all in a state of trance. He is a six feet tall man but can hardly stand on his legs," Raghuvir explains.

    Our source says that in the forthcoming episodes it will be revealed as to why Sampooran fathered a love child. That is intended to prove that he is after all not a bad man. Raghuvir says, "Sampooran after all loves and adores his wife."

    Next week you will see Raghuvir dressing the baby in the frock that Ratan had kept for the baby she had miscarried, so his mom naturally takes offense to that. He even takes the baby to school trying to hide her from his teacher. The teacher asks him to keep the baby at home. To find names for the baby Ranvijay flips through his course book. While reading out the names from the book he asks the baby to jump at whichever name she likes. The child is named Veera. He requests his mom to weave her name on a hanky but she refuses point blank. In the Punjabi language the elder brother is called 'Veer'. The name 'Veera' therefore emanates from the word 'Veer'.

    Bhavesh Balchandani who plays Ranvijay has been carrying a real baby on the show and not a doll. He says, "She is a sweet baby. I like playing with her."



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