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    Default "The character of Ratan excites me a lot" - Sneha Wagh

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    Sneha Wagh better known as Jyoti of Imagine’s popular show Jyoti talks about her experience in the show post leap and her look in the show Veera in detail…

    Sneha Wagh is currently seen in Star Plus, Ek Veer Ki Aardas Veera as Ratan. Recently the show has taken a leap and the kids Ranveer and Veera have grown up. The actor talks about her new look and playing a mother to grown up kids.

    When we asked Sneha whether she knew in advance about the leap in the show or not, she says, "Yes, I already knew about the leap in the show even before taking up the project. It was supposed to happen way before but due to some reasons it was postponed."

    Sneha says that playing the character of Ratan excites her a lot and she doesn't mind playing the character of a mother on-screen even though her kids on the show are almost of her own age, "The grown up Ranveer and Veera are of my age in real life but I don't mind playing their mom on screen. Basically, it's my character that excites me a lot. The role of Ratan was never seen on TV earlier and I'm sure it will never be made again. I'm not here to play a model or anything."

    Talking about Sneha's look in the show, it is seen that her look has not been changed at all and she looks glamorous in the show. When asked Sneha about the same she says, "I'm ok with the glam look but my only condition was that I wouldn't use a whitener. Also if you see carefully, village women don't have white hair even at the age of 40 or 50. It is because of their diet and environment of village."

    Sneha likes working with the elder kids in the show Veera but she misses the younger kids in the show as she was emotionally attached to them and tells us, "The grown up kids are very good and they are hard working. However, I miss the younger kids as it was not just professional rapport but an emotional bond with them. I miss them a lot and we are still in touch with each other. They do sometimes come on the sets or we converse over the phone. Harshita Ojha (younger Veera) keeps sending me voice messages too."

    On being asked Sneha about why is she not looking out for other offers on-screen she says, "This show is taking up my whole time. I really wish time I get some grace time for me. Actually, after the leap I thought the story will focus on the grown up kids but it happened vice versa. I don't get time with my family and we meet only over dinner."

    "There is other stuff too that I want to do like Marathi films. Before taking up this show I was about to start shooting for a film but then due to a daily soap schedule, I couldn't get through films. I really wish to complete that," she concludes expressing her wish to complete shooting for a film.

    Well Sneha, we also wish that you soon start acting in films too!



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