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    Default Anmol to blame Rishabh for Ranvijay's accident in Star Plus' Veera

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    Raj Singh is at his villainous best yet again as his character of Anmol in Star Plus’ popular show, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera (Beyond Dream Productions) has turned negative.

    Well, viewers who saw yesterday’s episode (15 September) would have noticed his evil intentions towards Ranvijay (Shivin Narang). For those who missed the episode, here is a recap. At the masquerade party that was going on, Anmol got into the garb of Rishabh (Sanjay Gagnani), called Ranvi to the terrace and pushed him down. He then dressed up as himself again, and got into the party only to join Gunjan (Farnaz Shetty) in her search for Ranvi. He took her to the terrace, but the guy was shocked to hear Ranvi calling for Gunjan’s help. Ranvi clinged on to the sun shade, not crashing down. Immediately, Anmol got into the defensive and asked him how all this happened.

    In tonight’s episode, Anmol will go a step ahead and blame Rishabh for everything. He will also point at the evidences he had placed to trap Rishabh. He will show everyone the watch; also he will search Rishabh’s bag in which he would have already hid the original musical track of Ranvi which had gone missing just before his performance. With these evidences, Anmol will very easily point a finger at Rishabh.

    We hear that this act of Anmol’s will stop the further growth of Rishabh in the singing competition, as there will be every chance of him getting rusticated.

    When contacted, Raj told us, “I am simply enjoying my shoot for Veera. I have been shooting for long hours for the show; I am usually on the set from 2 pm and I wrap up only the next day by 8 am. But the entire process of shoot is enjoyable, because I am so engrossed in acting. The best part now is that I have two shades as my character has recently changed from good to bad.”

    Watch the upcoming twists in the storyline in Veera.



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