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    Default Watch All Internet Streaming on ur TV Screen

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    From now on, All dr m8s, U can watch all internet streaming (serials, cricket, movies, n everything !) on your TV !

    Buy a S-Video Cable from any electronic shop , a few settings in the computer 's display panel n thaz it !

    S-Video output (SOCKET) is present in most of the Laptops,( in some desk tops could be absent ).Check ur Laptop manual to figure out the position of ur S-Video Socket.(its usually denoted by a sign S )

    Connect the S-Video Cable from the Computer to the TV.

    Click-- Start-- Control Panel ---Display--Settings-- Advanced---Monitor

    then U can see the three options below

    MONITOR ---- PANEL ------- TV

    Click on Panel to activate it n get the resolution to 1280 x 1024: 60 Hz

    then click on OK to save the changes.

    The above DISPLAY Settings work fine 4 me , do the respective changes in ur computer or the above steps as it suits U.

    Make sure that U have switched ON the S-Video Channel of ur TV when u check the display settings,(Press TV/AV on ur TV remote 4 the S-Video Channel)

    If U CAN see the FULL MONITOR of ur Computer on the TV Screen, "indicates that U have made the right settings"!

    To keep these Settings intact , just before u watch the internet streaming,

    CONNECT the S-VIDEO Cable to the COMPUTER n then RE-Start the Computer !

    This way when U switch on the TV and the Comp: The TV shows directly ur Computer screen and you don't need to change the display settings every now n-then ( as U will not leave the S-Video Cable from the computer connected to your TV always)

    When U wanna use the computer, jus disconnect the S-Video Cable n restart the computer.U can any way use the computer with the S-Video cable connected but it would be quite a small working screen )

    (to get original settings again, reconnect the S-Video Cable to the Comp n restart the Comp)

    ON UR TV REMOTE just press the TV/AV BUTTON 2 access the S-VIDEO Channel.

    Thaz it! m8s, so simple

    N-JOY ALL Internet streaming from movies,serials,videos and what not on ur TV SCreen !

    This is a great BOON 4 all Cricket Maniacs like me 4 sure , n all ppl who r tired of watching their favourite shows on the small screen, now have a blast on UR Screen!

    Dear dr users Please get here to view pictures of S-Video,Pro S- Video + Audio

    Now U can get the audio control also on ur TV! using Pro S-Video + Audio cable.

    2 Watch Videos on how to connect PC to UR TV ! the above given guide is quite simpler though .

    click here

    Cheers !

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    Thank you so much for this post .



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