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    Default [UnOfficial] ExtremeCoderz's Multi Poster (4/5) Tutorial *How to Use*

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    -= [UnOfficial] ExtremeCoderz's Multi Poster (4/5) Tutorial *How to Use* =-

    hello mates, well first of all let me explain you something about that thread,

    i'm not the owner of this content nor i made that, i'm just contributing and trying to support the Tool "MultiPoster"

    okey let just start xD



    What is Multi Poster?:

    Is it possible to pay for lifetime?:

    how many sites MP4/5 accepts?:

    Is your tool clean or Trojans/backdoors are there?:

    how much time does it take to setup?:

    How does it work?:

    Payment Methods?:


    the tools you need to download & install to use this "Multi Poster"

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standone Installer)
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)
    install "Web Installer" first after its done install 'Standone Installer" if it ask you "Remove or Repair" just do "Repair" xD

    if you already installed both just ignore it, okey lets get started now


    step 1, download Multi Poster first.
    step 2, download the update tool.
    step 3, now just make a new thread, add your the downloaded Multi Poster & Updater tool in that thread and run the "Updater.exe file first
    step 4, after its done just open the Multi Poster and put your details there


    you will get your username/password via email after you buy the "Multi Poster" from "ExtremeCoderz"

    okey after you logged in you'll see this page


    -= How to make Site Areas & Tags =-

    okey since you are new to this you gotta make your own "Site Areas & Tags" i'll show you how!

    click on Navigation --> Options -- My Areas

    these are my areas so just click the "Add New Area" and make one yourself xD

    to make tags do same just click on "My TAGs" and make your own tags like "RS" etc...

    after you make the tags etc.. just go back to "Home" by clicking "Navigation --> Home"


    -= How to make Site Templates =-
    okey since you are new to this you gotta make templates i'll show you how!

    click on Navigation --> Add/Remove Sites

    after you go there you will see a page like that

    click on File --> New Template to add new site

    add the site name you are creating for like if you are creating a template for "WJunction" then just put "WJunction" there and click the "Create Template" button

    these are the templates i made, so same for you when you make your template you will see it on the left tab under "Website Templates" okey lets do the 2nd thing, click the template you made to enter the site url/topic icon id etc.. i'll go with Amaderforum

    User/Pass/URL: okey when you click the "Template" the one you made it will show you all this just put the site url on the box of "URL" put your username in the box of "Username" and put the password in the box of "Password"

    Forum Ids: add the "Forum Ids" in the "ID Number" its the section id you don't need to add the full url just add the id so he can post to that section.

    Site Type: what site type is it? vBulletin? IPB? whatever just put the site type there

    Language Encoding: its default don't change it

    Tags/Icon/Prefix: if the site accept "Icon / Prefix or / Tag" just put the ids of "Icon/Prefix/Tag" in the box

    Site Requirements: if the site accept any thing that listed on "Site Requirements" tick the box of it and put the ids etc.. as mentioned above!

    okey after you done it all, lets just get moved from there and make a new post

    click on "Navigation --> Home"

    click the "White Paper" and you will see a "Title/Description/Tags" are there, just fill up it

    do you see 2 boxes right after the "Title/Description" just select the " Section you want to post to and the "Tag" you wanna post like "MULTI" or "RS" etc...

    after its done just click on the "Floppy Button" and save the post

    okey i will spread one

    okey after you fill them up and save the post just click again on "Navigation -- Distribute New Content"

    there are the forums and posts you have saved/made just tick the box of the upload you want to spread

    and tick the box of site you wanna send to

    i will send to "FreshWap Forums" just see

    after you tick the box you will see the post name and its "Que" just go to "Tools -- Distribute" and thats it

    after you click the "Distribute" button you will see the "Status" has been changed to "Sending" that means your post getting sent!

    after its done you will see the the Status with a link and its colored to "Green"

    if you wanna see your post just double click that green thingy and it will redirect you to the thread lets see how is it looking xD

    yahoo its same as i wanted xD yeah i WiNz LOL,

    so the tutorial is done <3

    thank you <3



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