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    Post [TUTORiAL] What do you need to play our x264 releases properly

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    Hello guyz and welcome to another awesome tutorial!

    There are alot of "Codec Packs", like K-Lite, CCC, and others, but all of them are pure evil. They just bloat up your system and registry with stuff you will never need in a million years, so here we will show you how to get the best setup to play digital x264 mp4 and mkv releases with the correct decoders, and therefore with the best possible quality possible on your PC.
    Note: This does not really work with VLC Player, since that player is using its own "custom" decoders for all formats. You can use VLC, but it is not recommended because the quality is rather low compared to the way described here.

    How can I play x264 RUDOS/Scene-720p mkv and mp4 releases properly?

    1.- Download CoreAVC:
    Get the latest ffdshow Download FFDSHOW rev. 4342 (20120228) (open source) - AfterDawn: Software downloads

    2.- start installing ffdshow.

    3.- When install finishes, you will get a window that will offer you some configuration options:
    a) Run audio decoder configuration
    b) Run video decoder configuration
    c) Run DXVA video decoder configuration
    d) Run VFW configuration

    4.- Check Run video decoder configuration, click finish and set H.264/AVC to disabled, apply and OK.

    5.- Install CoreAVC and set these settings.

    6.- Install Haali Media Splitter if you didnt install it together with FFDSHOW

    7.- Set MPC (Media Player Classic) to play all .mkv/.mp4 videos you have with x264, and you're done.

    Now just load up a x264 encoded video (you will see the best results with high resolutions like 720p or 1080p and look out for the CoreAVC Icon in you system tray. If you have an Nvidia Video Card with CUDA, the icon should be green, if you have an ATI Card using DXVA it should be red, otherwise blue.
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    nice share....



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