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    Default Translating Text to other languages using MS Word 2007.

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    The world has become a global village where you need to communicate with people of diverse cultures and languages. We come across people who speak different languages on the internet, or we need to communicate with different people in the global business market. Sometimes we need to translate business documents as everybody doesnít speak the same language as we speak.

    It is possible to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007. The feature to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007 can be used like any other translation program. In order to translate text in Microsoft Word 2007, we just have to use its built-in function.

    Follow the given steps to translate word text into other languages:

    1. Select the text you want to translate.

    2. Click on Review button on Menu bar.

    3. Click on Translate in the Review tab. You can see From (English (US) to any other language. Isínt it simple. There are several languages listed under for translation.

    This helpful feature to translate text in Micro
    soft Word is very handy, but definitely cannot be compared with human translation.



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