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    Lightbulb Share Warez Over A Network

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    If you and a friend have a machine that runs Windows Vista or later, follow these steps:

    1. Join/Make an unpassword-protected network or remove your network's password

    2. Talk to your buddy about turning on his and/or her computer

    3. Tell your friend to join the network

    4. Make sure the two machines are seen on the network

    5. Place your DVD/CD into the CD/DVD drive or insert your USB into a USB port

    6. Open a command prompt

    7. Type:

    net share Warez=D:\

    *Replace D with the DVD/CD drive or the USB drive you want to share

    8. Say to your buddy "Open Windows Explorer."

    9. Talk to your friend about clicking "Network" (on the left)

    10. Tell your buddy to open the computer with the Warez folder

    11. Say to your friend "Open the Warez folder."

    12. Talk to your buddy about ...

    *Substitute ... with "copying the files and folders" or "installing"

    13. Wait until your friend is done

    14. Optionally, take out your USB or CD/DVD, insert another one, and repeat steps 8-14 for the same buddy or another one

    Usually, people spend time downloading your warez and my way allows almost anyone who is connected to the network to directly get your warez. Please spread the news about this.
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