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    Default Record HD Gameplay On Your PC

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    NOTE- This tutorial is not created by me!!!!!

    Hi Guys

    As you know people run many channels on Youtube. They Upload Videos --> Become a Youtube Partner and Earn Money by the ads placed on the Videos (Adsense)

    So Now the current hit on Youtube is Gameplays / App Reviews / Mobile App Reviews etc etc

    So Beginning You Would Need Video Recording Software like

    • Fraps
    • Camtasia Recorder

    The Next Thing You Would need is a Video Editing / Rendering Software like

    • Camtasia Studio 8
    • Sony Vegas Pro

    Camtasia Studio 8

    Now for the settings to use on Fraps to Record 720p HD Gameplay for Youtube Videos is

    First Start up Fraps and then go to Movies like this and change the settings like below..

    Then Go to FPS to remove a Frame per sec watermark from the video click on Hide overlay like i have done below ..

    Then Make sure Fraps is running in your background and then start the game which you want to record.

    Hit F9 (Hotkey assigned by me to start recording) after i finish the part of the game which i want to publish again press F9 and then the Video(Gameplay) would be saved at D://Gameplay (Path assigned by me to save the videos)

    Note : The Long You play the Longer the File Size. 10 Min Gameplay would get you a filesize of 5.50GB

    Now You Can't Just Upload 5.50GB Of Video on to Youtube or Can You ?

    So Now thats where Rendering / Video Editing Comes in to Play.

    Open Up Camtasia Studio 8 and then hit Import Media and Go to D://Gameplay to fetch the last recorded Video it would come up in the Clip Bin Section Like this

    Then Drag the video to the TimeLine below in Track 1 Like this

    Then as soon as u drag it in you would see a dialog box popup like this one select the one i have selected like here

    Then Go to Zoom-n-Pan Option Click on it and then Select "Scale Media to fit entire canvas" like that

    Then Adjust the borders of the video on like i have done below to render the video from edge to edge like this

    Then after that you can audio's , Transitions , Your Intro Video according to yourself on the timeline then go up top and his Produce and Share like this

    and then you will see a popup like this select HD MP4 (up to 720p) like this and hit next

    You will see another popup Asking for the name where to save it details fill in the details and hit Finish like this

    Thats it then it would render the video and make the video from a freaking 5.5GB to a considerable 200-300mb depending on the extra content you have added.

    Just upload that video to youtube let it process and as soon as its done you will see your 720p video hitting the viewer's desktops.

    Thanks and Regards .... Peace Out....!!!!

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    Good tutorial

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    I have my own desktop recorders including sony vegas too but I prefer to record orignal then rip them (with me-gui) while in vegas and other you will have to re-incode before saving .

    Thanks or it
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    NIce tutorial
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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