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    Default Things you can do to prevent spam

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    Face it; your inbox is infested with spam. And it's not like you asked for all of these messages either. Or did you?

    1. Never, ever reply to a spam message.

    2. Donít click any links in a spam email.

    3. Disguise your email address

    4. Donít forward an email from someone you donít know to a list of people

    5. Donít use your home or business email address.

    6. Before you join a list, make sure the list owner or Web master will not sell your address.

    7. Preview your messages before you open them.

    8. Use a complicated email username.

    9. Use a spam filter.

    10. If your organization has an IT department, forward any spam that gets through to it.

    11. Make sure your privacy settings are set so you don't receive marketing from other sites in your AOL and Yahoo profiles.

    12. Never use your email address as your screen name in chat rooms
    Do you have any other suggestions?



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