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    Default Problem with paypal? Read paypal tricks[Paypal/Ebay Guides]

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    I had alot of problem with and i wanna share with you some of paypal tricks... how your account will be safe

    Your account is limited or suspended? Ok, Read here how to have one safe account:

    -Make sure that you have Clean out cookies & temporary internet files.
    -Change computer name & IP when you will login.
    -Make sure that you NEVER go directly to ebay or PayPal to register a new account ... Browse the internet a while then search for an ebay or paypalbanner and click on it !
    -Use email to register something like your name,last name , example: name John Smith > prefered email: [email protected]/hotmail/yahoo or other...
    -Never open any emails sent to you from eBay or Paypal (Members or Auctions) regardless of what it says in the message title.If you need to check if you have any question about an auction item, check it only at eBay’s site itself.If you click onto a link from one of these e-mails, they will catch you from the use of this hidden script.
    -Only have ONE browser/tab open while opening these accounts.
    -Add your Credit Card for verify your Paypal account ( Dont add your CC in registration page, you have to add your CC/BA after you created your account)
    -Dont try to add your old CC or BA, also dont add name that was used before, and phone number & address must be diferent from you old account if you had one.
    -After you have verified your paypal account wait again for at least 7 days or more before using it,
    after that time the 1st transaction should be you spending and not receiving, make a few small
    transactions for physical items and NOT Digital items such as ebooks. DO NOT try and do this by using
    another account that you own or have access to, ie: Sending a money request from another account
    to your newly created account, this will get your account flagged.
    -As for receiving payments DO NOT withdraw the money right away, wait at least 10 days before doing
    so and DO NOT withdraw all of the funds, leave at least %15 of the money in there or spend a little on
    a few transactions.
    -Try to receive payments from only verified Paypal users as if a buyers account is flagged it can get
    your account limited, we have seen this happen so many times, do this especially for big transactions.
    If you intend making large transactions wait at least 32 days before
    -Phone Support: Don't deal with the person who answers the call, however. They are the lowest level of support personnel, and they really don't have any authority to fix your problem. But if you speak with them and they uphold the freeze on your account, it makes it that much harder to overturn.
    Ask to speak to a supervisor, and be persistent about it if they try to handle the issue themselves. But don't be rude or threatening, just be calm but persistent.

    Getting a New eBay Account
    -Double check that you have cleaned out your cookies, PC name and IP
    -Make sure you use your new email address
    -Use your “new” name. Use one similar to yours or a relative.
    -Use a new mailing Address, A variation of yours or a relatives.
    -Use a PO BOX as your address wherever possible.
    -Use your NEW bank account information and/or new debit/credit card..
    -Only Accept payments from verified PayPal-Members!

    1. Selling "Restricted Items" on your website.
    2. Selling to much / Receiving to many complaints/claims.
    3. Being "Linked" to another suspended account.
    4. Using a new PayPal account on a previously "marked" Website.
    5. Logging into your suspended account after setting up your new account.
    6. Still using your old eBay account with your new PayPal account.
    7. Reusing virtually the same home mailing address as your suspended Paypal account.
    8. Reusing a very similar e-mail address as your suspended account.
    9. Not erasing your old tracks. (See Clean Out Your Cookies).
    10.Being Blazay!

    Your Name Change* No, do not think you need to go out and legally change your name; it just needs to be altered to look a little different. If you are a woman and have a maiden name, you can use it. For men you can become Sr. Jr or the III. You can also use your middle name as your first or use your spouse’s name if you want. Just make sure it is not the same name as what you have already previously used. You can also acquire a business account and do business under any name you choose.

    -Dont use Proxy,VPN etc...You can also find programs on the internet, which will hide your IP address for you? Although many programs claim to hide Your IP address, not all of them actually work. You do not want to find yourself suspended again, so be careful. If you choose to use a program to conceal your IP, I would Recommend Ghostsurf Platinum. This Program conceals your real IP from eBay and Paypal, as it routes you through an Anonymous internet connection. This hides your real IP and gives eBay and Paypal a bogus one. The use of this program also enables you to log into your accounts from anywhere in the world.

    Within a month of opening a new PayPal account their system will run routine check on your account by placing a hold status on it, entitled “LIMITED ACCOUNT ACCESS”. To lift this status you’ll need to give them some information you used when you opened the account. They might even ask for new personal information.

    Make sure to write down any new information so when they do another (so called) security check on your account, you can give them the correct information.

    Your home address should be changed. No, you do not actually have to move to do this, but you need your address to look a little different. Just write it out differently. For instance, if you live in an apartment (apt) you can put suite or unit # or number instead of writing apartment number. Alternatively, if your street name is that of a number spell the number out instead of writing the number itself. You can also obtain a P.O. Box. Here is a smart way to use a PO Box if you decide to use.

    All PO Boxes can receive mail at the post office street address. What I mean is, lets say you have P.O. Box #45 at your post office, and the address of the post office itself is 123 Main Street. An alternate address you can use would be 123 Main Street #45.

    You will need to get a new number or use a friend’s phone number to verify yourself during signup. Make sure he/she is home to answer the phone if you decide to use a friend, Alternatively using a local or premium rate number seems to be fine also. In the UK check
    Make sure that if it is a friend’s number that you decide to use, that they have ever had a suspended account or your account will be suspended as well. I have heard from a couple of people that has e-mailed in to us that used a prepaid mobile phone number as a way to get them verified, but this method seems to be hit and miss.

    Thanks for reading



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