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    Post Mobile Phones and Driving Tips

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    Mobile phones provide considerable benefits. For instance, it gives you the ability to call emergency services, access weather and traffic information; is a means of security for lone drivers, and allows you be in touch, on the move

    Do's while driving
    • Switch off your mobile phone and use voicemail wherever possible.

    • In the event of being in a call while driving, inform the caller that you are driving and keep the conversation brief.

    • Use an earpiece in high-traffic or noisy locations. That lets you hear the amplification, or how loud you sound at the other end, so you can modulate your voice.

    Don'ts while driving
    • If you need to make an urgent call, use a hands-free device.

    • Ask your co- passenger, if any, to manage your calls for you.

    • Never send or read text messages while driving.

    • Do not use a handheld mobile phone or any other communications device while driving.

    For added calling convenience

    • To combat fatigue on a long journey, take regular breaks. Utilise the break time more effectively, by making or receiving calls.

    • Save the important contact numbers into your phone memory before you set out. You can also assign speed dial to those numbers.

    • Make the most of voice command options for dialling.

    Tips on keeping mobile phone safe

    • Do not drop your mobile handset.

    • Never leave your mobile phone unattended.

    • Consider using a hands-free device.

    • Do not have any emotional conversations in public.

    Enjoy your drive



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