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    Smile Mobile Etiquette

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    Being wireless is no excuse for being tactless. Here are some tips to help you mind your manners while talking on the phone

    Mind the pitch
    Reduce noise pollution by not shouting into your phone and by keeping your ring tone as low as possible. Even better, consider keeping your phone on vibrating mode. Don't forget that others also share the same planet!

    Off means off
    Respect the rules of any location including airplanes, schools, movies, places of worship, meetings and restaurants. When asked by an establishment to refrain from using a cell phone, kindly do so. If you're expecting an important call, put your phone vibrate or silent mode. To answer the call, excuse yourself to the lobby, restroom, or wherever there are few people.

    TMB (Text Me Back)
    When you need to connect and it's inappropriate to place a call, like a business meeting, use your phone's text messaging capabilities to deliver important messages.

    Know when to call
    Just because you have someone's cell phone number, don't assume you can call any individual anytime you like. Make sure that you call during an appropriate time - during business hours if the call is work-related or after work if it's for social reasons. If you encounter a voice mail message, do leave a specific message the person can respond to.

    Heads up
    Exercise caution if it is legal in your state to talk on the phone while driving. It is a good idea to pay attention on the road and surroundings at all times. Use headsets and while driving.

    Call Divert and Voice Mail
    Use the extensive profiling options in your phone that let you divert your calls when you're in a meeting. Use this in combination with the voice mail feature to avoid missing any calls or messages.

    Lock the keypad
    Make sure to use your key lock function to prevent dialling emergency numbers

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