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    Smile Guidelines for camera phone users

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    Seek consent before you take snapshots of strangers. The last thing you should do is to suddenly or stealthily sneak up and snap away.

    Make sure you have the subject's knowledge before mass-mailing his picture. Consent for a shot isn't equivalent to permission for publishing it.

    Camera features on phones should not be used in areas, where cameras are not encouraged or prohibited, like airports, high security zones, museums, cinema theatres and live performances.

    Respect different cultures in different countries. If you're a visiting tourist, you may be expected to pay someone to take his photograph.

    Be mindful of your surroundings. As you're taking pictures with your camera-phone, you may be blocking others just looking for a good view.


    Do not go snapping pictures with your camera-phones on planes. Even though you're not making calls, most phones automatically search for available networks once they're turned on. This may disrupt navigational equipment during flight.

    Safety is paramount when operating a motor vehicle. Users should refrain from using the camera or video function of a wireless phone when driving.



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