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    How To Get Free Gas

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    I'm Not responsibe For Your Acts!
    I found a trick that works with quick stop gas stations.
    This trick will pump you gas w/o using ur money that much..
    How is this done?

    You know how you go to gas stations and there is 3 type of selection of gas either 87 89 92 .... well there is a button next to each of them , make sure the quick stop has the small yellow button now the huge ones, the huge ones dont work... the small button should just cover up ur thum or finger no bigger then that.

    1. You go pay the guy $5 dollars or less to pump gas make sure you park your car away from his sigt of what you will be doing.

    2. Go to your car and put the gas whoes in the car don't press on gas selection yet..

    3. Pull the gas trigger like how you want to pump gas, put it on auto so you doing have to hold it when you doing the trick.

    4. Now here's the tricky part. You will press on the gas selection where it says your gas choice 87 89 or 92 ... you will press on 87 like your life depended on it press it so many times don't stop pressing it keep pressing it, the machine will keep make a beeping sound and you can see the digits of how much gas you pumped going 0000000 ------- 000000

    Keep pressing it for like 5 minutes or how ever much gas you want but member the trick is you have to keep pressing it fast. it may seem like its not pumping gas , but trust me it is you will get free gass, but it gives you gas at a slow pase.




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