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    Default How to Download Movies.

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    Make a folder on desktop, name it Movie Downloads
    Select that for your downloads to go into.

    If there's 4 links they will go into that folder and once they all are completely downloaded Right click and extract "extract here" from first link ONLY.
    It self joins the other 3 links.
    You should then have a movie.

    If itís a single link then maybe you will just have a movie,
    If there are more than one link then only extract from that first link of your downloads.

    Once you get the movie, movie it into another folder like MOVIES and delete all the stuff out of the Movie Downloads folder.

    You can watch the movies on your PC but if you want to burn to DVD you need to convert them first.
    Convertxtodvd is great,
    It converts and burns in one step.

    If you are a free user use a download manager like Vityís FreeRapid Downloader or others posted in the software section ...your personal preference.

    Another Good program to have is HJSplit because sometimes you may have to join all the downloaded links
    Both HJSplit and Vityís FreeRapidDownloader work without installation on your PC and are free

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