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    Default How to crack protected DVDs

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    How to crack protected DVDs

    This rip process should be done before you attempt to make a DVD-Rip (XviD, DivX, x264) or CCE jobs, otherwise
    there may be problems with your rip. e.g. out of sync, start & end is wrong, bits missing etc etc.
    There are other tools for the job but this one I found to be the most updated & free.

    Rip the DVD using RipIt4Me

    You will also need the following:

    DVD Decrypter

    DVD Shrink

    Install DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and then RipIt4Me.

    Start RipIt4Me and make sure the following settings are match as below.

    Then just insert the DVD and click on 1-Click mode.

    Select the drive if you have more than one and hit next.

    After its finished ripping the DVD, RipIt4Me will run FixVTS and finally it will open the movie in DVD Shrink.

    Close DVD Shrink.


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    Thank you so much for this post .



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