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    Default Few things to consider before buying a new Phone

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    While choosing a cell phone one should choose from renowned and established brands, which will give you service for a prolonged period and the manufacturer will not vanish when you require any repairing/servicing from them.

    Next important aspect you should consider is the operating system, if it not as per the level of your quality then you should not go for that cell phone.

    Phone Memory:
    The third major point is the built in phone memory, if the phone has a low memory and you insert your useful data then it will operate in a slow speed or may get hanged and you will feel irritated while operating it. Expandable memory card may be inserted for storing songs, music, videos etc. but that will not improve the performance of the cell phone.

    Next, never ever buy a unbranded cell phones, they may be cheaper in price and may offer you lots of features, but all those are selling gimmick, these cell phones has a very short life and the software also may not work properly. Service for these phones is not available and you have to throw it away once it starts malfunctioning.

    Another most and very important thing is the life of the cell phone battery, how long the charge of the battery will hold the charge, buying and selling of cell phones mostly depend on this feature. May be you have purchased a very good cell phone with latest configuration, but if battery gets drained frequently then the phone is of no use to you. If you are a busy businessman or some corporate high executive and making lots of tour or whole day keeping busy attending appointments in different places, and your phone gets switch off displaying low battery then you are done for. That is the reason, while buying a cell phone, you should go for the one which has the highest battery life and longest talking hours, no matter if the configuration is not that high.
    Lastly the cell phone should have the wireless network connectivity. It should have the features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; Blue toothis required for transferring file from one cell phone to another or for sending/receiving files connecting with Laptop or PC without using any external cord and Wi-Fi connects the cell phone with the whole world via GPRS or Internet. Face book or any other social networking sites may be accessed through Wi-Fi connection

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