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    Default help needed identifying stage show please!

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    I am looking for the name of the following drama starring nasir chinyoti and any links to view online if possible the details i have are as follows:

    Nasir chinyoti's boss comes to dinner and he persuades his wife to swap roles with his servent as she is better looking and this will impress his boss more. His wife reluctantly agrees and so she pretends to be the servent. His boss takes a liking to his wife (he thinks she is the servent) and wants her to come work for him. Nasir cannot reveal that it is really his wife and therefore has to oblige. Next day he disguises himself as a milkman just to go and see his wife ans she is absolutely livid with him for getting her in that situation!

    That is all i remember please please please some one tell me the name of this drama Reply With Quote .



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