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    Default Roberto Cyborg Abreu NoGi Tornado DVDRip XviD DOJO

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    Roberto Cyborg Abreu NoGi Tornado DVDRip XviD DOJO

    Disk #1:No Gi Tornado Half Guard

    My best positions from My No Gi Half Guard including:

    1. How to properly set up the Tornado Sweep and half guard
    2. How to switch sides effectievly and confuse your opponent
    3. Timing and how to catch your opponent off guard
    4. Telephone Arm Bar from The Tornado Half Guard
    5. Alternate Arm Bar Variations
    6. More Half Guard Armbars
    7. Kimura Grip Set Up To Triangle
    8. Half Guard Arm Trap Sweeps from Half Guard
    9. Sweep to Omoplata
    10. Sweep to Omoplata Variation
    11. Rolling Leg Sweep
    12. Rolling Leg Sweep to Take The Back
    13. No Gi Tornado Sweep
    14. No Gi Tornado Sweep To Triangle
    15. No Gi Tornado Sweep To Reverse Triangle
    16. Tornado Omoplata Sweep
    17. Stand Up Knee Twist Sweep
    18. Foot Trip Sweep
    19. Half Guard To Single Leg
    20. Going Inverted To Take The Back
    21. Half Guard Knee Bar

    ?????Disk #2: No Gi Guard Passing?????????

    Over best positions and drills on my No Gi guard passing into submissions including:

    1. 6 Secret Drills for Hip Flexibility and Going Upside Down
    2. Guard Passing Set ups
    3. Step Out Pass
    4. Pass To Back Choke
    5. Rolling Toe Hold
    6. Spinning Kimura
    7. Movement Drills For Pasing The Guard
    8. Knee Slice Pass
    9. Punch Pass
    10. Pass To North South Choke
    11. Knee Pass to Take The Back
    12. Inverted Kick Through Pass

    >>>>>>Disk #3: No GI Submissions<<<<<<<

    Learn all my most effective submissions including:
    1. Side Control Tips
    2. North South Kimura
    3. North South Inverted Armbar
    4. Side Control Armbar
    5. Knee On Belly Set Up Tips
    6. Knee On Belly to Triangle
    7. Knee On Belly To Inverted Triangle
    8. Knee On Belly To Reverse Trainge
    9. Knee On Neck Choke
    10. Side Control To Knee On Neck
    11. Back Attack Tips
    12. One arm Rear Naked Choke
    13. One arm Rear Naked Choke Variation
    14. Inverted Triangle From The Back
    15. Inverted Triangle To Toe Hold
    16. Arm Bar From The Back
    17. Arm Bar To Triangle From The Back

    Disk # 4: Bonus Material
    Learn My Mental Game and Workout Routines:
    1. Strength and Conditioning with me and my world class S/C Coach Ferrino, where we teach you the specific workout for you to maximize your training and effectivness, SPECIFIC for NO Gi Jiu JItsu,
    2. You learn The Yoga Training Routine That gives me my crazy flexibility. My Yoga Teacher and I take you through a routine to ensure your flexibility on the mat
    3. Learn the mindset of a champion in a indepth interview about how to be a champion on the mats and in life and learn the mindset to win!
    4. Experience The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle with me and get access to our exclusive pro training sessions at Fight Sports in Miami

    This will change your game.
    All the moves I used to secure wins in The No Gi Worlds, ADCC and countless other tournaments. Start winning and never have to deal with that horrible feeling of walking off the mat without YOUR arm raised again !
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