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    Default When Prachee Pathak scared a kid on the set of Udann

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    One should learn how convincingly an actor can portray her role, from Prachee Pathak, so much so that people will start hating you in real life.

    Wondering why we are praising this talented actress?

    Come let’s find out what happened recently on the sets of Udann.

    Of late a young kid visited the set of the above mentioned Colors’ show where the entire cast was busy shooting. During the filming of a particular sequence Prachee (Tejaswini) was seen torturing Spandan (Chakor) and the young toddler started crying witnessing the brutal ‘act’.

    Later on, Spandan had to intervene and make her understand that it was just a shooting sequence and Prachee did not hurt her physically.

    Awww that’s really sweet.

    When we chatted with Prachee about the same, she commented, “Oh yes, the kid started crying badly and believed that in reality I am a cruel person. Later on when Spandan came and spoke to her, the cute kid came and clicked a photo with me. I believe by now every kid has started hating me.”

    Ouchh, so does the feeling hurt? “Honestly speaking I love to portray negative roles, as I find it to be interesting. And I am glad to be a part of this show which is capable of influencing the audience.”

    That’s the spirit lady.

    We also quizzed her about the feeling of shooting such sequences and the lady commented, “I tend to be very polite with them while shooting as, I am very much conscious that I should not hurt them. On the other hand, Spandan and Tasheen (Imli) always ask me why I am so tender with them.”

    Hmm, we can understand how dedicated one needs to be to deliver such a performance.

    Way to go lady.



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