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    Default Ishwar to be put behind bars in Udann!

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    Udann will soon gear up with a high intense drama where Chakor will save Imli, whereas Ishwar will be put behind bars.

    Colors' popular show Udann is grabbing many eyeballs with its concept and has been aiming to educate the masses with its episodes.

    As per the ongoing track, as Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) and Bhuvan (Rajiv Kumar) are about to leave but Ishwar and Abha will stop them. This so because it is very important to take Chakor to the haveli or else bhaiyaji will make Imli (Tasheen Shah) as their slave.

    Let's see what will happen next -

    As per our source, "Ishwar and Abha will spot Chakor and Bhuvan where Bhuvan will plead Ishwar that its really important to take Chakor or else Imli's life will be destroyed. Thus Ishwar (Sandeep Baswana) will decide to go along with them to Azadganj to help them. As soon as they will reach in the haveli, Bhaiyaji's goons will surround Ishwar with guns. Thus Ishwar will be asked to leave and go back to Lucknow and Bhaiya ji will release Imli. Hence Chakor will again get caught in their Haveli and Bhuvan will take Imli along with her. On the other hand Azadganj's police inspector will follow Ishwar for his safety and as soon as Ishwar will cross the border, police inspector will stop him and will arrest him claiming that he has kidnapped Chakor. Thus Ishwar will be put behind bars as per the plan of Bhaiyaji (Sai Ballal) so that he cannot help Chakor any more."

    Will Chakor become Bhaiyaji's slave again or will run away again to achieve her dreams?

    To know more keep reading the space.



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