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    Default TRP-less phase gets extended as TAM announces a delay in the announcement of ratings

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    Today, i.e. 19 December 2012 was supposed to be the D-day wherein the television industry was to get its first TRP post the two months break. While the entire industry was waiting with bated breath for the release to happen, TAM has provided a communication which states that the ‘release of TRP has been delayed’.

    Well, this is indeed a heart-breaker for all, as the anxiety and suspense over the manner in which the shows are faring continues…

    What is the reason for this delay? We give you the exact words of TAM which states,

    Message Dated 19th Dec 2012: "At the request of I&B Ministry, Govt. of India, and in concurrence with IBF, AAAI & ISA, we are delaying the data release to Thursday / Friday. The reason for doing so is that the Govt. of India has requested us to withhold release of News channels data by two or three days. The industry is meeting with the ministry to take a decision. Thank you for your cooperation."

    As for now, it’s back to happy viewing without the pressure of ‘what’s working and what’s not’!!



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