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    Default TV shows of today lack 'soul' - Asif Sheikh

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    Asif Sheikh, the veteran actor is happy that he has bagged a show that is creatively satisfying in Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne on Sony PAL. “This is one of the best shows that I have done in a very long time. It is different and genuinely a beautiful project. I feel glad to be a part of it,” avers the actor.

    Tell him that in spite of having a different concept, the show has not yet clicked with the masses in terms of ratings, and he explains, “The channel (Sony PAL) is a new one and I am sure it will take time to pick up. But people who have seen the show have definitely liked it a lot. Also with Bigg Boss being on air at the same time, people must be hooked to that (laughs). But after a long time a show with such warmth is seen on TV.”

    The actor interestingly has been part of Hum Log, the first TV opera. Talking about the vast changes TV has seen over the years, he states, “Honestly I feel the soul is missing from shows these days. Everything has become mechanical. There is hardly time for writers and actors to think and work creatively; it’s all a rat race now. Having said this, technically we have surely become much more advanced.”

    “The problem also lies with the audience who do not wish to get evolved. They are still stuck with the saas bahu sagas. I think we need to bring out different shows to educate audience with the variety TV can offer. Look at world cinema; it has gone to great heights. As an actor I also believe in variety and have thus taken a break from comedy to try something else. I feel it’s time to move ahead and take some risk, for that will only benefit us in the long run,” adds Asif.

    The actor was also recently seen spoofing Arnab Goswami in Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami. On that particular stint, Asif says, “I changed the name last moment to Arnab Sharma, to make it a combination of Arnab and Rajat Sharma. I hope to try interesting roles next in movies in the coming days.”

    Good luck Asif!



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