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    Default My parents have no problem with what I do or wear: Ashnoor Kaur

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    Young and vibrant Ashnoor Kaur is a talented girl and currently she is shining playing a budding tennis player in Sony PAL’s offering Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne (Sphere Origins).

    The actress who won accolades all across with her portrayal of Nanhi in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is one who knows how to balance her studies and acting responsibilities very well.

    The young girl who is having her exams at the moment shares, “Although I don’t get to attend all my classes I am hooked to my studies. I carry my books on the sets and make sure I complete all my lessons. So exams don’t really worry me as I am well prepared.”

    When asked how she is coping with the pressure, Ashnoor quips, “Recently we had an oral test in class and you won’t believe I got the second highest score. So there is just no pressure. My mom keeps a constant tab on my studies and I happily oblige for I love it too.”

    Her character in the show has to face troubles in living her dreams to be a badminton player for she is a girl. When asked if she ever faced anything like that, the young actor quickly defends, “Never. My parents have no problem with what I do or wear, all they want is me to be happy and positive. They have always taught me to be confident and strong enough to look into someone’s eye and speak the truth.”

    And finally we wondered which role is she enjoying more, Najma or Nanhi. “Both the characters are very special to me. Nanhi was this happy, responsible girl whereas Najma is a bit childish but has dreams to become a successful sportsperson. Both shows have also given me some amazing costars and I am really enjoying.”

    Way to go Ashnoor!



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