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    Default Heated argument on its way for viewers of Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne; to air its last on December 30!

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    Viewers on Sony Pal's Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne will some drastic track coming up; show to bid adieu soon.

    We had earlier reported about the Sony Pal show Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne going off air sooner this December. Well, before the show goes off air, the makers of the show have planned a lot of twist in the tale for their viewers.

    Our source informs us about the latest updates -

    "In the upcoming episodes viewers will see some heated arguments and tiffs between Mariam (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) and Imran (Hasan Zaidi). What basically happens is Imran takes Najma (Ashnoor Kaur) to the garage for the tennis practice while he gets a call from his friend called Asad. Asad is the guy with whom Imran's wife was in a relationship. Over the call, viewers will see Imran arguing and giving back answers rudely. In his anger, he leaves the garage and moves ahead to go and drink without realizing that Najma is alone in the garage. Just then, some goons were passing by and seeing Najma alone, they think of taking an advantage. Before the goons could do anything to Najma, Mariam reaches the garage on time and saves her from happening anything. Mariam indulges herself into a heated argument with the goons and forces them to move out of her sight. Meanwhile, Imran realizes that Najma is alone and runs back to the garage where he meets Mariam and she starts blaming him for not managing his responsibility well. A lot of drama awaits for the viewers."

    Well, this surely is some good drama that the show has to offer to the viewers.

    Besides this, we had earlier reported that the show will breathe its last on its 100th episode and here we are with another exclusive detail. The show will see its end on December 30.

    We will soon get back to you guys with another track detail. Till then keep reading this space.



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