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    Default Titu's laziness to be revealed in Tu Mera Hero!

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    Viewers of Star Plus' popular show Tu Mera Hero, is set to witness an intense drama in the upcoming episodes.

    Shashi Sumeet Productions' Tu Mera Hero on Star Plus, is winning the hearts of viewers with its light hearted drama and chemistry between the leads Titu and Panchi.

    Viewers can see that, post Titu and Panchi's wedding, the Mishra family have headed to their native place for fulfilling the post wedding rituals. But soon, Panchi will come to know about Titu's lazy behavior.

    Our source informs us, "Titu's real identity will finally be out in front of Panchi and the entire family. This will be plotted plan by Manorama and Rekha (Madhuri Sanjeev) who will reveal about Titu's lazy behavior. It will so happen that, Panchi and Titu will be asked to follow a ritual in a temple where Panchi will go in the kitchen to prepare prasad when Manorama and Rekha will hatch a plan."

    "They will call Panchi outside and in the meantime, she will ask Titu to take care of Prasad carefully whereas on the other side they will send dogs in the kitchen. Later. the dogs will spoil the entire Prasad and Titu sitting in front of them will not take any efforts to take them away. Panchi and the entire family will be shocked to learn about the spoiled prasad," adds the source.

    Well the story doesn't end here...

    "Panchi will be very disappointed after knowing the truth and at that time Govind (Akhilendra Mishra) will come and give her two options of either coming with Titu or going back to her parent's place. The entire family will move towards the bus and the moment bus is about to leave the place, Panchi will runs behind the bus and it will be a reprise of the famous DDLJ scene."

    Well, quite a romantic track isn't it!

    To know more keep reading this space!



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