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    Default Does Priyanshu Jora have an 'attitude' problem?

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    Actor Priyanshu Jora’s show on Star Plus, Tu Mera Hero (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd) launched recently. But it seems the actor is in news more for his ‘attitude’ issues than performance on screen.

    The dope is that recently during the screening cum launch of the show, Priyanshu behaved rather haughtily with the scribes present there.

    Shared a journalist who was present at the do, “We were shooting the footage played on the screen when Priyanshu intervened and stopped us from doing it.

    He was behaving rather over the top that day.”

    So is he already having starry airs?

    “Now this is surely ridiculous for I think I am someone who is very friendly and comfortable with the media. I am too young in the industry to actually have any starry airs. I am really shocked that people can actually talk about someone like this,” said Priyanshu.

    When asked to clarify about the matter, the actor quipped, “We were screening the episode in a projector and the cameramen were flashing lights on it making it difficult for people to see. When I asked the PRs and production people they told me to tell them to shoot during breaks. I passed on the message to them and suddenly I get to know that this created such a big furore. I am someone who doesn’t hesitate to do a job and that is why I went ahead and told them. I just didn’t want our guests to suffer.”

    Be prepared for more controversies Priyanshu (wink wink)!!!



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