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    Default 5 alternate careers for 'Lazy' Titu Of Tu Mera Hero

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    Tu Mera Hero's 'hero' is a unique one. Unlike others, Titu (Priyanshu Jora) is super lazy and enjoys being pampered and loved. Someone who wouldn’t even budge from his place to get a glass of water, we wonder how he would manage to live a happy life with his wife Panchi (Sonia Balani).

    We lays down five job opportunities that Titu can take up where he would not have to work too hard, yet take home a fat pay check. Take a look.


    Since Titu is so fond of acting, he should think of taking it up professionally. He would not only earn loads (wink wink), but also would be living his dreams. With his talent, we see him winning the Oscars…what say?

    ATM watchman:

    Now what better job than sitting in the AC doing nothing! With so many ATM kiosks around, we feel Titu can happily join one of them. Also, he would get to meet new people and entertain them!


    How about wearing a costume and soaring high in the space doing nothing. And yet, actually doing wonders for the nation by capturing the unseen galaxy.


    Now this might make you do a little work, but we feel the pampering that this job gets has no comparison. So just share your satya vachan with the people and enjoy the mewa for your sewa (no sewa in your case though...he he!)

    Food Critic:

    We all know how much Titu loves food, so why not turn this affection into a career? He can go around gorging on food and then burp out his critical comments on the same. And boy, if you get popular, people will be at your footsteps with their delicacies, making work all the more easier!

    Don’t you think these jobs would be really suitable for Titu? You can also add more to the list in the comment box below.



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