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    Default Nadaniyaan on Big Magic gets a new Producer in Sagar Pictures

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    Nadaaniyaan – Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani, the sitcom presented by Big Magic has been doing well with the masses. The show which is a remake of the Pakistani sitcom Nadaaniyaan will see a new development here.

    The show will now have a new Producer in Sagar Pictures. And as per sources, this transfer of production house from Creative Eye to Sagar Pictures will get effective from 15 July.

    A source states, “Creative Eye has successfully produced the show for 200 plus episodes, and their contract with the channel ends with this. However, Big Magic feels the need to continue with the show as it is a popular show for them. With Creative Eye not keen on continuing with the project, the channel is now forced to give it to a new production house.”

    As for Sagar Pictures headed by Meenakshi Sagar, this will be a new add-on to their ever-growing repertoire. They already produce the popular show Akbar Birbal for Big Magic.

    When contacted, Producer Meenakshi Sagar said, “You better talk to the channel about this.”

    Gaurav Sharma who essays the role of Pappu in the show however said, “Yes, there is a new development with a new producer coming in. We are excited as the show will now see few interesting changes.”

    We also hear that the channel might decide to revamp the show with few new characters being introduced. All this will get streamlined once the new production house takes complete charge.

    Our efforts to get in touch with Producer Dheeraj Kumar of Creative Eye were futile.

    We talked to the channel spokesperson about this, but did not get any revert.

    Nadaaniyaan has Jay Pathak, Gunn Kansara, Gaurav Sharma and Alok Nath in lead roles.

    Watch this space for more updates.



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