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    Default Creative Eye has given a strong and good foundation to Nadaniyaan and it has to be taken forward now

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    Recently, we exclusively reported about the Big Magic show Nadaniyaan – Teen Nadaanon Ki Kahaani getting new Producers in Sagar Pictures, with Creative Eye moving out of it.

    Producer Dheeraj Kumar of Creative Eye Limited talked to us about this strategic move by the company and reasoned out as to why it happened.

    Said Dheeraj Kumar, “Nadaniyaan was basically a Pakistani concept, and its right was bought by the channel and was given to us. We have now successfully run it for our contractual period of 208 episodes. The show has done extremely well for the channel, with Creative Eye Limited delivering a good quality product. With the specific contract period ending, and with Creative Eye getting busy with certain other things, we decided to move out of the project. And this was a mutual decision taken by the channel and us, and we parted ways by wishing each other luck.”

    For the first time ever, there is a buzz in the industry about Creative Eye being ousted from the project. And clarifying this, Kumar stated, “There is a misinformation spreading in the industry about we being chucked out. But that’s not the case at all. Even today, I keep talking with the channel people. We have given the show a strong and good foundation and it has to be taken forward now. At this point of time, we as a company are busy in various other things. There is no hard feeling between us and the channel. In future, we will like to work together. It will be a pleasure working with them again.”

    Expressing his gratitude to the channel heads at Big Magic, Kumar averred, “I am thankful to them for giving us an opportunity to do something in the comedy genre. We as a company have given nearly 8500 hours in every genre and language, including Sanskrit too. Comedy has never been our forte, but we are proud to have done complete justice to Nadaniyaan. In fact, we co-operated very well with the channel, gave them a bank of episodes before moving out so that the new production house could get ample time to come in, settle down and take things forward. To tell you more, the show was placed at the #1 show on the channel even on our last day of working.”

    Nicely said!! We wish the show as well as Creative Eye all the very best.



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