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    Talking Ten things you'll never hear parents say

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    1. We think you need to improve your Road Rage score.
    2. Maple syrup balloons? Cool!
    3. Why not just drink it straight from the milk carton?
    4. Bedtime? Not 'til you've read two comic books and watched some pro wrestling.
    5. Great rap song. Turn it louder so we all can hear.
    6. Why don't you control the remote? You have better taste than your sister.
    7. Stick your arms out of the car window - there's a breeze!
    8. Okay, but don't let homework cut into your TV time.
    9. No point in making your bed when you'll just have to unmake it again tonight.
    10. No, we're not there yet, but please - KEEP ASKING.

    If you are reading this sentence, then you are wasting your time

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