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    Santha to his son : ghabra mat, Tu sher ka beta hai.

    beta : papaji , teacher bhi yahi bolti he ki tu kisi janwar ki aulad hai ???...
    Santa singh shows up at his friend Banta Singh's Place in a Brand New - Red Ferarri.
    Banta: Wow Banta, ke gaddi hai (What a car)Kithon laiye (where did you get it from)
    Santa:Main highway te lift mung reha se ... Gori Mem aaee te meine kende "want a ride Mr. Singh" I hopped in, and she took me to the woods. Once in woods she got outside took off clothes and said to me "Mr Singh. take anything"

    Banta is quite excited and asks "tu ke keeta Santa "
    Santa: Mian gaddi lai layee. (I took the car)
    Banta: Changa keeta kapde tenu fit bhi nahi aane se (good showyou wouldn't have fit into her clothes)
    Banta Singh and Santa Singh got tired with the mobile communication
    and decided to use the conventional method of communication.
    That is to use pigeons to send messages. One day Santa sends his pigeon.
    When the pigeon reached Banta, it was with out any message.

    Angrily, Banta picks up his mobile and calls and asks Santa "what is this - a joke?
    The pigeon is without any message."
    Guess what Santa said???

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "Donkey, that was a missed call!




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