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    Default Pilot & tower talking jokes

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    Tower: "Hawk 20, is this the same aircraft declaring emergency about two hours ago ?"
    Pilot: "Negative, Sir. It's only the same pilot."

    ************************************************** ******
    Tower: "Delta Fox Alpha, hold position, Marshall will park you."
    Pilot: "Roger. Looking out for John Wayne."

    ************************************************** ******
    Tower: You have traffic at 10 o'clock,6 miles!
    Pilot: Give us another hint, we have digital watches!

    ************************************************** ******
    Tower: Mission 123, do you have problems?
    Pilot: I think, I have lost my compass.
    Tower: Judging the way you are flying, you lost the whole instrument panel!

    ************************************************** ******
    Pilot: Good morning, Frankfurt ground, KLM 242 request start up and push back, please.
    Tower: KLM 242 expect start up in two hours.
    Pilot: Please confirm: two hours delay?
    Tower: Affirmative.
    Pilot: In that case, cancel the good morning!
    ************************************************** ******

    Tower: "Height and position?"
    Pilot: "I am 1,80 m and I'm sitting.

    Ground Control: "123DG, bear to the left, disabled aircraft on the right."
    Pilot: "123DG, Roger, I have the disabled aircraft in sight, but I don't see the bear yet."

    ATC: "N123YZ, say altitude."
    N123YZ: "ALTITUDE!"
    ATC: "N123YZ, say airspeed."
    N123YZ: "AIRSPEED!"
    ATC: "N123YZ, say cancel IFR." ATC GOT HIM BAD ON THIS 1
    N123YZ: "Eight thousand feet, one hundred fifty knots indicated."



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