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    Default Love at first sight

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    Love at first sight

    began the day
    With nothing to say
    When she caught my eye
    My actions was opposite of what i portray

    I dreamed of us being together
    Even though this image wouldn't last forever
    I like the idea of that
    our love can get through any weather

    Maybe it is lust
    Or a fantasy in the dust
    But whatever it is
    ME and YOU together is must

    We caught each other eye
    As the days went by
    My words are jumbled together
    I could not even say hi

    The answer is not clear
    why we both were brought here
    I have not yet begun to speak
    the only thing is holding me back is fear

    I may not know you
    Yet what i feel is true
    before anything get any further
    I think I LOVE YOU.



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